Herbs & Treatment

Alder Bark: Eases toothaches

Beech Leaves: Used by ThunderClan medicine cats for carrying other herbs.

Bindweed: Fastens sticks to broken legs to keep them in place.

Blackberry Leaves: Eases the swelling of bee stings.

Borage Leaves: Produces more and better milk and brings down fevers.

Burdock Root: Lessens the pain of infected rat bites.

Burnet: Keeps a cat's strength up

Catchweed: Stops poultices from being rubbed off without hurting the skin.

Catmint: Used for greencough and whitecough.

Celandine: Used to soothe damaged eyes.

Chamomile: Strengthens the heart and soothes the mind. Also given to traveling cats for strength.

Chervil: Used for infected wounds and bellyaches.

Chickweed: Used for greencough.

Cobwebs: Used to stop bleeding and bind broken bones.

Coltsfoot: Used to ease breathing or kitten-cough, as well as cracked or sore pads.

Comfrey Root: Repairs broken bones or soothes wounds. Also used for wrenched claws. Can be used for itching or for inflammation on stiff joints.

Daisy Leaf: Eases the pain of aching joints.

Dandelion: Thought to soothe and heal bee stings. Its leaves can also be chewed to act like a painkiller.

Dock: Soothes scratches, though can sting when being applied. Soothes sore pads.

Fennel: Helps pain in the hips.

Feverfew: Reduces body temperature for cats with fever or chills. Also heals aches and pains, especially good for headaches.

Goldenrod: Good for healing wounds.

Heather Nectar: Makes swallowing easier and sweetens mixtures.

Honey: Soothes infections, smoke-damaged or sore throats, helps cats swallow other concoctions, helps soothe coughing, and gives energy.

Horsetail: Treats infections and stops bleeding.

Ivy Leaf: Used by ShadowClan medicine cats to store other herbs.

Juniper Berries: Soothes bellyaches, gives strength, and helps troubled breathing. It is also used to help calm cats.

Lamb's Ear: Gives a cat strength.

Lavender: Cures fever and chills. Also a herb used to hide the scent of death.

Mallow Leaves: Soothes bellyaches.

Marigold: Stops infection. Stops bleeding. Used for inflammation of stiff joints.

Mint: Hides the scent of death.

Mouse Bile: Used to get rid of ticks.

Oak Leaf: Stops infection from setting in.

Parsley: Stops a queen from producing milk if her kits die, don't need milk anymore, or are producing too much milk. Also used to cure bellyache.

Poppy Seeds: They can help a cat sleep, soothe shock or distress, or ease pain. Not recommended for nursing queens.

Ragwort Leaves: Treats aching joints and keeps a cat's strength up.

Ragweed: Gives a cat extra strength and energy.

Raspberry Leaves: Could possibly ease pain, or stop bleeding.

Rosemary: Hides the scent of death.

Rush: Helps hold a broken limb in place.

Snakeroot: Thought to heal poison.

Sorrel: Traveling herb.

Stinging Nettle: Induces vomiting, or brings down swelling. Can be mixed with comfrey to help heal broken bones. Helps with wounds.

Sweet-sedge: Eases infection.

Tansy: Cures coughs. Can be used to cure wounds and poisons. Stops cats from getting greencough. Soothes throats.

Tormentil: Its root is good for treating all wounds and extracting poison.

Thyme: Calms nervousness, anxiety, and cats who are in shock.

Watermint: Eases the suffering that originates from a bellyache.

Wild Garlic: Prevents infection, especially rat bites.

Willow Bark: Eases pain.

Willow Leaves: Stops vomiting.

Wintergreen: Treats wounds and some poisons.

Yarrow: Extracts poison from wounds. Will make a cat vomit up toxins. The ointment will soften and help heal cracked pads.

Deathberries: Kills a cat within minutes when consumed.

Foxglove Seeds: They can easily cause paralysis and heart failure.

Deadly Nightshade: Poisonous

Water Hemlock: Causes writhing and foaming at the mouth. 

Warrior know only Medicine Cats and Medicine Cat Apprentices are allowed to use these type of herbs! Warriors only know how to use the basic herbs

Basic herbs are: Poppy Seeds and Cobwebs.